Bar & Restaurant POS Software

Save time and money with Harbortouch POS for bars & restaurants.

Efficiently manage your business – whether it’s a bar, quick service restaurant, casual dining or fine dining establishment – so that you can focus on what’s important: keeping your customers satisfied and spending.

Harbortouch Bar & Restaurant is perfect for virtually any type of dining establishment and delivers a wide range of restaurant specific features such as table tracking, check splitting, item sharing and happy hour specials among numerous others.

Bar & Restaurant POS Software Features

Countless Time & Money Saving Features

  • ✓ Tableside iPad Ordering

  • ✓ Online Ordering

  • ✓ Online Reservations

  • ✓ Employee Management

  • ✓ Customer Database

  • ✓ Menu Customization

  • ✓ Efficient Ordering

  • ✓ Flexible Discounting

  • ✓ Table Tracking

  • ✓ Bar Tabs

Advanced Reporting Functionality

  • ✓ Sales Reports

  • ✓ Menu/Product Mix Reports

  • ✓ Labor Reports

  • ✓ Customer Reports

  • ✓ Auditing Reports

Free Remote Reporting & POS Management

Harbortouch's cloud-based Lighthouse™ platform allows you to remotely run reports, manage labor, or update your system from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Now you can work where you want, when you want!

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